What an amazing experience with students from Royal College of Art!

We were lucky enough to take part in the event inflating curiosity that celebrated the relationship between the Royal College of Art and the Tangible Media Group from MIT Media Lab and provided an open discussion platform and workshop to strengthen this connection for future projects. During the event a workshop and talk series took place to bring together people from different disciplines and to create a collision of ideas between artists, designers, scientists and engineers.

In a three day workshop we worked with 22 students from textile, fashion, innovation design engineering, information experience design and architecture with Pneuduino. We introduced ways of making and controlling transformable fabric to explore the emerging relationship between human and future material. The participants learned how to design transformable fabric structures that harness air for shape­-change. The provided open source tools gave the opportunity to explore a new medium, to create and explore new enabling technologies. The hands­-on workshop created a space where different disciplines meet and created a culture of common understanding to work across borders. The goal was to bring in technology and bring in meaning through art and design to define philosophical agendas, create artistic interpretation, design aesthetics and explore contextual designs. The output reached from philosophical installations about death and life, tangible games, walking creatures to wearable applications.

You can find out more about the workshop on the dedicated website: inflating-curiosity.com